Monday, 8 December 2014

Monday Count: EPP Finished

Oh.  Well apparently yesterday was the last sunny day for a while. So an indoor shot of the finished quilt will have to do.  I hope you can see the spiral quilting, which goes across the small low volume stars but stops around the EPP and appliquĂ© areas.  That left me with endless ends to sew in.

Of course you can't see the whole quilt here, but I've posted more than enough images of the individual blocks since I started in April. All the posts have been labelled EPP if anyone wants to look.

This project started with an exercise in EPP shapes - I wanted to do something other than hexagons.   Once I started, I wanted to carry on and make something useable.  The Monday link up at Life Under Quilts kept me going - thank you, Jessica!  Triangles, squares, pentagons, octagons, rhomboids, curves and yes, hexagons have all found a place.  There is loads of fabric left.  Can't believe how much.  Maybe I will sell fabric packs when there is another royal event.....

This trellis block might still be my favourite and I may well use it again - next time on a bigger scale, maybe with a dark centre and pale trellis pieces.

One last count for the Monday link-up - there are 1206 pieces. You won't see this again unless there is an amusing disaster in the wash.